Should I move to Dubai? 4 reasons why you shouldn’t!

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Ever considered moving to Dubai?? make lots of money then go back home and then live like a king? well, here is a list why you should think again about moving to Dubai.

Depending on where you are from you will find a lot of reasons why you should move to Dubai but I am sure you will find one (if not more )not to move to Dubai, but if after reading this article you still want to come visit us, then by all means please do so.

Also you can check the rest of the articles on the website to help you know how and when to move.

It is HOT here:Should I move to dubai, no it is HOT

First reason and one that I still have a problem with is, it is HOT here, and I am not talking hot as in sexy I mean as in the weather is on average 104F or 40 C depending where you are from, and this is now (around mid June it will still get much hotter when the summer creeps in (sure you turn on the AC all day but that will cost you ton of money and it is not environmentally friendly ).



It is not as cheap as they say it is :

You might have read somewhere or you were convinced that it is cheap here, it isn’t, sure you don’t pay taxes and you will get paid double what you are getting at home (either because of the currency difference or because you have an important job for the groceries priceswelfare of the Emirates people). but you would be spending more than what you do in your respective country on everything from electricity and internet to real states.



There is no standard address system:


If you know what this is and you have it in your country, then I am sorry to say that you will feel like shopping online and having mail to door is impossible among other things, for example it will be very hard for you in the first few days to move around by a taxi, most of the drivers are not that good in English or Arabic, he will not know where you want to go and he will not tell you that he doesn’t know (expect in very rare cases). and if you buy something that needs delivery you are going to do it the old retarded way which will be something like this,  after Etisalat building(Telecoms company owned by the government and has a signature building ) you should go “sieda” (a common word means straight ahead not sure which language it is ) and then before the roundabout on you right hand side.

still thinking should I move to Dubai ? keep reading then :)

Some websites gets blocked:


Any and every website that is against  “religious, moral, and cultural values of UAE”, gets blocked (and they are doing a great job on it ), with most Arabs that is ok and they don’t have an issue about it, but for Americans or Brits or any country that cares about freedom it is a tough pill to swallow but most understand, what they can’t understand is why VOIP programs and websites gets blocked as well.Most suggest that is because they want all your international calls to your loved ones at home is done through their monopolized telecom companies (UAE actually has two Telecom companies but both of them are owned by the same people the government) .


So, have you changed your mind ?? or still wants to move to Dubai? if you still want to then bookmark this website and check in later, I will be adding another list of why you shouldn’t and another 2 or 3 lists on why you should (because I think you should, I am just laying in front of all the aspects of moving to Dubai.


If I answered your question should I move to Dubai? then please let me know in the comments below, if I haven’t then please tell me why you still want to move and I will tell if that fact is true or false :D

7 thoughts on “Should I move to Dubai? 4 reasons why you shouldn’t!

  1. Wow I had no idea there were so many things like that in Dubai. No mailing address! 104 degrees and it’s not even deep into summer yet? Dang. Definitely wouldn’t want to live in Dubai. Thanks for the info.

    • You are welcome josh :)

      Thanks for the visit, Dubai is still a great place to live, I will be creating a different post on why you SHOULD move to Dubai, if you are serious about moving or already got an offer stick around and I will help as much as I can :D

  2. Actually, I was not planning to move to Dubai; a visit, maybe. However, I must admit, I am now intrigued. If and when I do, I won’t be scared or worried at all, as I will be taking your webpage along with me. I have bookmarked it already. It is filled with useful information and you tell it as it is … no sugar-coating anything. I appreciate that. Thanks for the info :D

    • Thanks Latoya, actually just a visit is great :) Dubai is also a really good place to do some shopping and adventurous sports, but still very expensive,

      I am glad you bookmarked my website and hopefully you will like things to come :)

  3. These are some interesting points to ponder on. I never thought of moving to Dubai, but I always wanted to visit if I had the chance. Great info too, by the way. Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes,

  4. I can relate to the heat and the high standard of living but no proper address system? How do people survive without a destination? I used to want to move to another country as well. Now, I rather be close to home simply because it’s more comfortable here than anywhere else.

    • Hey Cathy :)

      Thanks for your input, I like the comfort of my own house too, and you can do that here in Dubai as well, as I said. The AC is turned on at all times in most close place, restaurants, elevators(lifts), shops, and Malls all of them are use the AC 247

      So if these is what’s keeping you, then don’t worry and come on visit, and if you do let me know, I will be there to welcome you at the airport :)

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